dustin krcatovich

Dustin Krcatovich (Krr-SAH-toe-vitch; "Dusty" if you're nasty) tends to wear too many hats: graphic designer, web developer, DJ, musician, small publisher, occasional PR and booking guy for underground musicians. He's trying to simplify a bit these days, but given his luck with that historically, you might as well look at this website where he chronicles his active pursuits under the catch-all banner "Golden Feelings".

Dustin is most established, though, as a music, film, and culture writer. He is a regular contributor to DownBeat, the Quietus, Under The Radar, and Riot Fest; in the past, he has been a frequent fixture at Esquire, FLOOD, and Tiny Mix Tapes, with occasional features for Maggot Brain, Kerrang!, Vinyl Me Please, The Willamette Week, and a host of others. Reportedly, a piece of his writing once deeply offended a member of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Here's a highlight reel.

Dustin's other interests include (but are not limited to) oddball Americana, 45 rpm records, record-setting balls of twine, 1990s pop scandals and TV movies based on same, psychedelic experiences, oldies radio, Michigan, music for use, The Grateful Dead, and the Zen "great fool" Ryokan. He recently moved to Ann Arbor, MI after seven years in Portland, Oregon, with his partner Micah Vanderhoof and their cat Steve R. Bini.